How to Start a Roofing Business


So you want to start a roofing business.

It is after all a great opportunity.  I would like to share a few positives and a few negatives associated with starting a roofing business that you should keep in mind.  Let’s begin with the positives.


1.  Starting a roofing business has little overhead.  Overhead is a killer for all small businesses, but the opportunity to run this type of business out of your home and needing just a few jobs a week to make a living lowers the effect of the overhead.


2.  Starting a roofing business can produce signifcant sales in a short period of time.  There is such a demand for quality home service work that if you can sell, and if you can complete quality projects your reputation will spread quickly.


3.  A start up roofing business requires little inventory.  The wholesale roofing supply companies can provide great service, and good pricing for the small roofing business.  In recent years, Home Depot and Lowes have been able to provide shingles at an ubelievable price.  It seems that for any given project you are not more than an hour away from one of these locations.


4.  A person who is starting a roofing business can have a great time!  The opportunity to work at your own pace, and be outside making deals can be extraordinarily fun. It is wonderful to be your own boss, and lets face it sitting in an office space waiting for the next IM is just well not that extraordinary.


There are also several risks to starting a roofing business, and you should be aware of these as you look to begin the venture.


1. When you are first starting a roofing business, you have no reputation.  It can be one of the most difficult things to overcome as a salesman.  You haven’t completed a ton of jobs, and your sales calls are asking for references.  Would you buy a roofing system from a salesman or contractor that hasn’t ever done it?  You will need to be creative!  Please here me it can be done.  You just need to figure out your pitch and make it work.


2.  When you are first starting a roofing business, you have limited overhead.  You are usually the show, and while that can be a wonderful thing; you are the show.  You do the billing.  You write the estimates. You do most all the work, and there is only one person to blame for the failures.


3.  When you are starting a roofing business, most individuals rely heavily on subcontractors.  The subcontractor can be great to work with, but it can also be a nightmare making sure your work is completed in the manner that you sold it.


4.  When you are starting a roofing business, you can not afford any financial failures.  A person not paying there bill, material that was stolen from the job, or a builder that files bankruptcy.  You have to realize that these things are real and be willing to say no to work that is high risk.


It has been said that the average stay of a new contracting business is 2 years, so the task that you have as you begin your roofing sales business is to list and recongizne the issues that will rise to the surface for you in the next few years.  These issues will be easily visible and some will not.  Use the information that you have read here as a guideline to success.


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